Industrial ML Workflows for Real-Time Advanced Safety and Efficiency

Industrial ML Workflows for Real-Time Advanced Safety and Efficiency

Awarded rugged edge processing devices, and computer vision and large language models to improve safety and efficiency in industrial workplaces


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Stroma Edge Processing Devices

Unlock the potential of real-time industrial monitoring with Stroma Edge Devices. Our award-winning rugged edge cameras (Stroma xCam) and mini-industrial computers (Stroma xProcess) deliver advanced vision sensing to analyze worker behavior and inspect quality control issues on the spot. Designed for the demanding environments of modern industry, Stroma Edge Devices are your eyes on the ground, ensuring safety and excellence at every step.

  • Real-time anomaly detection and alerting
  • Modular design for easy integration with existing systems
  • High durability to withstand tough industrial conditions
Stroma Edge Processing Devices

Stroma Krait: Industrial ML Workflow Engine

Simplify machine learning deployment with Stroma Krait, our intuitive industrial ML workflow engine. Krait's node-based interface demystifies the complexity of integrating ML models, empowering your operations and engineering teams the powerful ability to autonomously design, integrate, and execute your own industrial ML solutions that address the unique challenges of your operations.

  • Your creativity is the limit
  • Intuitive design for easy model deployment
  • Scalable across multiple sites for uniform performance
Stroma Krait: Industrial ML Workflow Engine