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Computer Vision Engineer

We're looking for a lifelong learner and great team player Computer Vision Engineer who'll work alongside our team developing innovative solutions for workplace safety.

Workplace safety has proven to be the key enabler of economies. As more manufacturing jobs come back online, businesses are struggling to protect and monitor the safety of their employees. Stroma works on leading edge products and solutions to help organizations analyze their workplace to make sound decisions to ensure regulatory compliance and actually reduce accidents. The research and development in this area is critical to companies and represents a huge opportunity for growth in the economy springing back.

Role and Responsibilities

New developers will participate in all aspects of software development, from inception and design through code implementation and delivery, contribute to and learn about all technologies utilized by the product across the different tiers and work closely with the founders on high-level architecture and designs. As a Computer Vision Engineer, you will be an integral part of the team responsible for developing new features for our current product offerings using a wide array of tools and technologies. You will work with a self-managing team that cultivates creativity and challenges the status quo. You have an interest in learning and writing code in a variety of programming languages and/or different platforms, possess an innovative mindset and passion to push limits on finding new and inventive ways to work. Curiosity is a must!

As our team operates in a highly dynamic development environment, you will have the opportunity to work on a closely knit squad with responsibilities covering the entire spectrum of software development (e.g. Research, Design, Prototype, Development, QA, Deployment, Support). Additionally, you will be also working with the Chief Technology Officer who is shaping our product strategy and directions.

The ideal candidate should have a strong passion for developing software using the latest technologies as demonstrated by their contribution to open source projects, experimenting with new technologies and development of their own hobby applications. They should also have a keen interest in researching the latest AI trends, and a broad understanding of the developing ecosystem. In addition, the ideal candidate must also have a relentless desire for continuous improvement through the learning of new things, be a champion of new ideas, continually explore new perspectives, and embrace going beyond their comfort zone even at the risk of failure or embarrassment.

Key Job Details

  • Country/Region: Turkey
  • City: Istanbul or Ankara
  • Category: Software Development Support
  • Required Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Employment Type: Full-Time, Remote
  • Travel Required: Up to 10% or 1 day a week

Desired Skills and Experience

  • English Fluent (verbal and written)
  • Proficient understanding of version control systems such as Git
  • Proven programming experience in Python and NodeJS
  • Proven experience with at least one modern web application framework
  • Proven experience designing and implementing solutions based on microservices methodologies
  • Strong academic foundation in Computer Science or related fields: Data structures, algorithms, networking
  • Experience with Restful APIs
  • Experience with automated infrastructure configurations and orchestration, e.g., Docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience in In-depth fundamental knowledge of AI, deep learning, and machine learning algorithms and methods with proven experience in organizing Data and training new deep learning models
  • Open for developing and learning new technologies and new Open Source projects
  • Strong communication skills and able to convey ideas and opinions to others
  • Willing to find and implement innovative ideas

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise

  • B.S. in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • In-depth fundamental knowledge of AI, deep learning, and machine learning algorithms and methods with strong knowledge of the mathematical underpinnings behind these various methods
  • Thorough knowledge of Python and JavaScript
  • Experience in computer vision libraries PyTorch, OpenCV
  • Experience in working with Agile/Scrum methodologies
  • Experience JavaScript frameworks like ReactJS
  • Experience with NodeJS
  • Experience with Embedded and IoT systems development e.g., NVIDIA Jetson, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, Arduino
  • Knowledge of cybersecurity issues related to IoT and embedded systems.
  • Experience with design and optimization of traditional and modern databases e.g., PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB
  • Experience with message/queue systems, e.g., Kafka, Event Streams
  • Experience in enterprise-related development (multi-threading, scalability, performance)
  • Experience with CI/CD tools, e.g., Jenkins, Travis, DroneCI
  • Experience building applications on cloud infrastructure, e.g., private clouds, public clouds
  • Experience with unit testing frameworks
  • Familiarity with continuous delivery and continuous integration